Diabetes education is a collaborative process that helps people with diabetes learn how to successfully manage their disease. The goal of diabetes education is to help people with diabetes practice self-care behaviors every day and be as healthy as possible. It is provided by diabetes educators.

Diabetes is a serious disease with potentially life-threatening consequences. Proper nutrition, physical activity, regular visits to your doctor and medication can help you control your blood sugar level. If you have just been told you have diabetes; your treatment plan has changed; you are not meeting your diabetes targets, or are pregnant or thinking about becoming pregnant, you will benefit by taking a self-management education class.

Diabetes education can help you learn to monitor blood sugar levels correctly, avoid highs and lows, and plan your meals and snacks.

Diabetes Self-Management Education (DSME) is the cornerstone of care for all individuals with diabetes who want to achieve successful health outcomes and avoid complications. The ten-week program is often conducted in health care settings, such as physicians’ offices and clinics, pharmacies and hospital outpatient settings.

You need to be referred by your healthcare provider to DSME. Ask your provider to make you a referral today!

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