The following materials were created to inspire communities to take a proactive approach in improving health across the board. This toolkit makes accessing valuable information about lifestyle choices like eating and physical activity easier, Download, print, and share to make the most of the resources available. From health care professionals to consumers, these pieces research, helpful tips and support needed to take the first steps toward a healthier living regardless of whether or not you are currently living with or at risk of a chronic disease.

Prediabetes Infographic

Are You At Risk for Prediabetes?

CDC Prediabetes Screening Test

So You Have Prediabetes…Now What?

National Diabetes Prevention Program (NDPP) Infographic

Diabetes Infographic

General Information: What is Diabetes?, Types of Diabetes, What is Prediabetes?

All About Your Risk for Pre-Diabetes, Type 2 Diabetes, and Heart Disease

All About Insulin Resistance

All About Pre-Diabetes

Learning How to Change Habits

All About Physical Activity

All About Cholesterol

All About Quitting Smoking

Protect Your Heart: Make Smart Food Choices

Protect Your Heart: Choose Healthy Fats

Protect Your Heart: Plan and Cook Heart-Healthy Meals

Protect Your Heart: Check Food Labels to Make Heart-Healthy Choices

Protect Your Heart: Heart-Healthy Menu Ideas

Protect Your Heart by Losing Weight

All About Carbohydrate Counting

All About Blood Glucose

Taking Care of Type 2 Diabetes

Getting the Very Best Care for Your Diabetes

Getting Started with Physical Activity for People with Diabetes

Recognizing and Handling Depression for People with Diabetes

Treating High Blood Pressure in People with Diabetes

Taking Care of Your Heart

Know the Warning Signs of a Heart Attack

Taking Aspirin to Protect Your Heart

All About Stroke

All About Peripheral Arterial Disease

Medical Tests and Procedures for Finding and Treating Heart and Blood Vessel Disease

Managing Your Medicines

Diabetes Action Plan_Blank

Living Well Brochure English

Living Well Brochure Spanish

Nebraska Tobacco Quitline Infographic

Ready Set Quit

Community Health Worker Online Training Program